Philip Anandaraj - Co-Founder & CIO

Philip is a principal in the Cuerate™ Creative Strategy Solutions and Business Optimization areas. Besides a long and rugged career in concept creation, set-up and management, Philip is also extremely comfortable and successful at over-the-table negotiations, right up to G2B or G2G levels.
His entire education was absolved in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland with a financial management specialization stint in Boston USA.
Philip has a 45-year working experience in over 90-plus countries and is multilingual and with an array of languages at his disposal, he is wellequipped to handle negotiations, contracts, management system processes, vetting of project timelines and execution.
Due to the nature of his business activities Philip has a rather large and active network of international professionals that interact with him on a customized-project-need-to-have basis.
His primary interests lie in management projects that require structured business optimization, turnarounds, reinventions and cross-border corporate associations, secondary interests lie in the areas of macro- and micro tourism, peripheral forms of socio-development, the development of micro-tourism projects with para-hospitality and aligned or integrated sectors.
One of his main strengths, based on his travel, work and hands-on experience is that his solutions are extremely creative and have often been considered pioneer breakthroughs. Contrary to apprehensions that pioneer efforts are based on experimental processes, Philip works with a rather intense thought-simulated scenario, that is then implemented in a practical sense through customized processes.
It is understood that all his solutions are positively functional and result oriented.

His Business Opinion

Philip has accumulated decades of experience that allows him to provide a rather quick, precise, and pertinent overview of organizational fault lines. His ideas and opinions are accepted at face value for their useful advice.
A valuable asset is having over 45 years of experience working internationally in fields like general, financial, and human resource management. Philip’s areas of expertise include tertiary educational institutions, aviation, environmental issues, and specialized training programs.
He counsels you to be aware of the following:
Does a consultant's understanding of the formal procedures of a formally acknowledged and endorsed "system" constitute proof that they are "good"? No-Does a consultant's understanding of the established processes of a formally acknowledged and endorsed "system" constitute proof that they are "good"? No Most of the time, a word as straightforward as "rational thinking" can drastically alter the efficiency of your company. In any endeavour— personal or professional—common sense is the cornerstone or even the motherlode of all effective structures and procedures. Why not make your team more efficient by simply giving them the opportunity to succeed? The only thing that resembles gold in terms of beauty, reflection, conduciveness, malleability, and ductility is the human spirit! Being so valuable, a well-cultivated team-spirit becomes a determining factor in deciding whether your company will be successful or not.
Any successful brand will reveal the truth that "common sense" is the foundation for future success if you dig deep enough. Let us assist you in bridging the river of success by seamlessly fusing your corporate strategies, business strategies, and creative design strengths.
Oh yes, and don't forget to include your team in the customized inner-development

"Just give your team a chance to perform lawlessly!"
Your organization will enjoy the results, which include a growing market share, successful cost reduction, increased profits, and the creation of a highly effective data-literate, research and development component that will spearhead your business strategy.