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The History of Cuerate™ –

“Supporting organisations to become powerhouses.” 

Cuerate™ was created by a sibling pair that have been in the Eurasian corporate business, jointly possessing over eighty years of experience in every aspect of business optimization. Both founders concentrate on the embedded values of the human factor in business.

Cuerate™ was born out of the necessity to provide high-caliber individuals to organizations that were primarily in the legal industry. Success stories are hard to keep under wraps and very soon Cuerate™ was providing solutions to organizations across a variety of industries.

We grow by growing our clients and this means we concentrate on concept creation and/or partnering in the ease of doing business, managing productivity enhancement, general analyses and optimization of process flows, reduction of rutting-phenomena, optimal application of available resources and most of all, the application of our 5-step systemic idea-to-execution business approach.

Impact we make – Responsibility

Given the volume of investments generally made in their own businesses, it is a matter of serious responsibility for us at Cuerate™ to accept and understand the pressures of acting as wardens of those investments. We take full responsibility to deliver everything that has been agreed upon between our clients and us, not only out of necessity but actually as a matter of professional honour.

Impact we make – Philanthropy

We encourage our clients to share. It is a time-proven fact that sharing or giving back to society in any form, is a very fulfilling and pleasurable activity and yes! There are financial benefits too. However, more often than not, it is a difficult and time-consuming effort to screen and choose the right group or cause to support. We assist you in decision making and execution where your CSR budgets are optimally utilized.

Working with people

”How you think, engage and react is who you are.”

Cuerate™ is mainly defined by its founders’ personalities, healthy professional, social skills; and as such concentrates primarily on ‘thinking along’ with the client, focusing on ‘understanding the root situation’ of the client.

We make it a point to be ‘patient, creative’ and most of all justifiably ‘personal and affordable’.

Our Beliefs

US – Why we think we are right for you

  • We are very market competitive because our consultants are also career investments
  •  We are rich in cultural diversity; proud of a team that is congenial, helpful, resilient
  • Leading from the front means never having to compromise on confidence
  • The Cuerate™ work culture means being harmonious and positive
  • Mentorship qualities are essential since our consultants also own the projects
  • Peripheral development sessions enhance our consultants’ professionalism

Values and Culture

YOU – Why we would like to work with you…

  • We believe in cultivating and growing our consulting prestige
  • We maximise value per client
  •  Thus,* we concentrate on very selective clients and also cater to C-suite opportunities
  • Certain specific areas of specialization receive a
    concierge business model service
  • Cutting-edge strategic approaches make us stand out in the market
  • Necessarily we have a top-down/down-top approach with our clients and consultants
  • All our clients are from private, public or non-profit sectors

The Cuerate Advantage

Bringing a fresh perspective, new ideas, and expertise, outsourcing can provide impartial and objective support for your business development initiatives. With access to a network of contacts and resources, the focus is on driving results and maximizing ROI.

We are very cost-effective compared to in-house hires, outsourcing to us offers the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and improve efficiency in executing initiatives. Keeping up with the latest market trends and best practices, outsourcing to us can also support in defining and achieving company goals and objectives.

Achievement Profile

Cuerate™ has in the shortest time since its inception, made inroads in an extremely rapid and effective manner. After the obvious and rather strenuous period of incubation, we have proven beyond doubt that we are indeed one of the best.
65% of our revenue comes in from hard on-the-ground-work in the areas of Consulting and Recruitment; whereas 35% is based on creative, pioneer imaginative concepts and strategies that give us the edge.

Your Partner

Cuerate™ as an Investment

Cuerate™ as a good business development and consulting expert can be a good investment for a client in several ways. We at Cuerate, make it a point to not only be that but to go above and beyond. To recap, we can be a valuable investment, helping you to improve your operations, increase your revenue and to actively achieve your goals.

Cuerate™ Global Reach

Market Leadership

Cuerate™ sets itself apart by delivering innovative, tailored solutions to our clients. We have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality service and achieving successful outcomes, and invest in the ongoing professional development of our team.

Our network of industry experts and thought leaders ensures that we stay at the forefront of market trends. By building strong, long-lasting relationships based on trust and results, we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The commitment to exceptional customer service and clear communication sets us apart, and we continuously gather and act on client feedback to ensure that we are delivering the best possible outcomes. By leveraging technology and tools, we drive efficiency and effectiveness to help our clients reach their goals.

The Cuerate™ Team

Sabiana Anandaraj - Founder & CEO

A professional with over 38 years of experience in various sectors, including aviation, hospitality, retail, and legal services. She is an expert in strategy development, brand management, and executive coaching. Sabiana has been an integral, principal and essential part of many international brand launches in India. She is adept at converting targets into results

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Philip Anandaraj - Co-Founder & CIO

Philip is in the creative strategy and business optimization areas. He has over 45 years of experience in over 90 countries and is multilingual. His interests lie in projects that need business optimization, turnarounds, and cross-border corporate associations. His creative, pioneer solutions that are functional and result-oriented.

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Business Areas

Transform your business with our expert solutions. From strategic planning to resource optimization and cutting-edge concept development, we provide comprehensive support for all aspects of business success. Trust us to elevate your brand and drive operational excellence.

  • Legal Professional
  • International Hospitality & Tourism
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Technology Transfers
  • Education Marketing
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Customer Resources

Sustainability Overview

We completely believe in the integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations into a company’s operations, strategy, and decision-making. This includes recommending actions to minimize the negative impact of the company’s operations on the environment, while also promoting social and economic well-being.

Our recommendations can also include practices such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using renewable energy sources, promoting fair labor practices, and investing in local communities. Additionally, it would also include the long-term viability of the company, ensuring that the company has a positive impact on the planet, communities and economy while also being able to meet the needs of its principal and peripheral stakeholders today and in the future.

Enablers of Success

Our clients certainly play a key role in enabling their own success by being active and engaged partners in the process of working with us. This includes setting clear goals and expectations, providing necessary resources and information, and being open to feedback and collaboration.

Clients who are proactive in identifying their needs and communicating them to us are more likely to achieve their desired outcomes. Additionally, clients that are open to new ideas, flexible in their approach, and willing to invest in themselves are certainly more successful. A client who is willing to put in the work and be open to new and recommended change can become a valuable asset to our partnership and can certainly ensure a successful outcome.

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Collaborate with Us

There is a constant flux that exists between the needs of all our clients/customers and the work markets around us. Due to our rather unique position through what we do, we are at the hub of leadership staffing requirements and also are primarily the go-to organization for well-paying short-term consulting assignments for experts and mentors; but also have inroads to career enriching job opportunities with clients. Do send us your CV if you feel that there is an optimal role for you in any of our client projects that we regularly put out on most contact-platforms.

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